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We offer standard commercial and residential pest control services, as well as cutting-edge technology such as heat treatments for bed bugs, on-site and off-site fumigation, and green products and services.

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Ants ! Ants ! Ants!  
Have ants been a problem for you like they have been for almost everyone else?  Well here are a few practical tips that may help ease the ant pressure around your home:

  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed well away from the house
  • Keep pine straw or mulch to a minimum as this insulates and traps moisture for insects
  • Make sure food trash is properly bagged and removed to a regularly serviced container
  • Eliminate any water leaks around the home

Of course these tips can help ease the pressure from a lot of other pests including roaches.  As things begin to cool off in the coming months we usually find the pest populations decrease and slow down, but for right now we have to keep fighting to keep our homes as insect free as possible!

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Check out our Pest 101 section for some brief facts.  Still not sure, contact a Barnes Exterminating technician for expert advice

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