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 Cooler weather can be welcomed relief from the sweltering heat of summer.  Just as rain and lower temperatures keep many of us inside, rodents are also seeking a dry, cozy shelter.  These pests are notorious for building nests under homes and destroying insulation around ductwork.  Even more dangerous are nests built from insulation and materials on or around electrical wires, which greatly increases the risk of fire.  For these reasons, and many others, it is important to rid your home or business of rodents.

While baits and traps are effective, rats and mice often reproduce in such numbers that it may be impossible to keep up.  So rather than treating the symptoms after an infestation is established, it is essential to prepare your home or business before it becomes a problem with our Rodent Exclusion service.  With decades of experience, our Barnes team can help you prevent or eliminate any rodent infestations.  Our trained experts can identify potential entry points and seal these areas, thereby restricting entry for these unwanted pests.


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