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Tips To Prevent Pest Problems In The Spring And Summer

After a brutally cold and icy winter in hibernation, Georgians are back on the move and enjoying the warm sun and blue skies again.  It’s a great time for heading outdoors for yard work, vacations, and grilling out.  Sadly, it’s also the time many pests are on the move, usually to your home.  So what are some practical ways you can lessen the intrusion? Below are some steps you as a homeowner can take: 
  • Keep grass and vegetation cut short to discourage fleas and ticks from using your yard as a feeding ground
  • Trim trees and bushes away from the house to lessen the number of pest entry points
  • Keep mulch beds shallow to prevent safe harborage and much needed moisture for insects
  • Avoid laying wood directly on the ground by the house or in the crawl space so foraging termites don’t discover a free meal 

These suggestions will lessen pest problems during what will surely be a hot summer!

Check out our Pest 101 section for some brief facts.  Still not sure, contact a Barnes Exterminating technician for expert advice. 


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